Officially I'm Sensei Iain Crowder and I'm a 6th Dan Shukokai Karate Black Belt and I've been practicing Martial Arts for over 39 years, instructing for the last 22 years, my dojo is at Astley & Tyldesley miners welfare club.

We have been members of the English Karate Organisation for over 15 years competing in their highly acclaimed championships, over the years there have been European & National champions.
Ian Wilcock Adult Male 3rd kyu and below category National Champion 
Ewan Crowder Male under 16's under 5'3" category European & National Champion 
Hayley Cooling Female under 16's under 5'3" category National Champion
Chloe Sarbutts Female under 16's over 5'3" category European & National Champion 
Eddie Collins Male under 10’s National Champion 
Aaron Gittins Male under 16’s over 5’3” European & National Champion 2023 
Numerous 2nd and 3rd place medals to mention all by name but testament to hard training and a belief in themselves and their skill that they can compete at the very highest national level.
If you notice I put 'practicing karate' in the first line at 6th Dan, you would think I would be an expert!!
There is a saying.....

"An amateur practices until he gets it right, an expert practices until he cannot get it wrong!"


Karate in the modern world

Modern karate clubs keep up with the times and dont dwell to much in the past and it has become an all round sport and effective martial art, it will help in the following ways.

  1. It's a great stress reliever!
  2. Improves flexibility 
  3. Improves strength and cardio conditioning (gets you fit!)
  4. Improves concentration and focus (it can improve schoolwork)
  5. Improves hand eye coordination

It also helps you develop the skills needed to defend yourself.

At My club you will learn.

  1. Kumite (sparring & fighting)
  2. Self defence techniques
  3. Anti-bullying awareness and strategies
  4. Kata
  5. Fitness and stretching exercises.

We practice hard and have loads of fun with a lots of laughter, our standards are high as I expect a great deal of personal commitment in order to achieve fitness and suppleness, I push the students hard so that they can reach their full potential.

At a sporting level even competing at a national championships if there is an individual desire to do so.

These new found skills will help to tone the body and mind, gradually developing the individual into a self-aware and more confident outgoing person, parents and teachers often report on the improvement in schoolwork and behaviour of children who train regularly.

It doesn't matter what your physical ability or age is, male, female or child, small, medium or large karate enables you to reach your full potential.

This is the direction of modern karate whilst keeping a grasp of the tradititional ethics and teachings of the founding Japanese Sensei's as one said,

"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character"

This is the certificate that is awarded for the first grade of 9th Kyu it is symbolised by a Red Tab on a white belt the first step on the way to the coveted Black Belt.

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If your around for thirty years you may achieve this!

Club Gallery

The gallery in this sequence - awarding Certificates - basic one step - line work - strengthening exercises - kicking exercises - sweeping techniques - wrist throw - Kata - Belts & Certificates.

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Where we are!

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