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I started on this venture many years ago being a keen photographer it started with a skint workmate wanting his wedding photographed, this moved on to a neighbour who I lived next door to wanting me to photograph her eldest daughters wedding.

This in turn moved onto both her daughters and a cousin...... and so on!

Having photographed more than a few weddings including weddings on old 35mm back in the day, digital age has now taken over and I use Nikon Digital equipment.

Photography wise I use a documentary style of photography for weddings this is much more of a modern way to take photos on the day, slipping back to the traditional ways for when formals are required, for much of the day I just melt into the background letting the bride and groom enjoy their big day!

While I don't pretend or perceive to be a professional in my eyes one who is fully employed day to day, I am a very good photographer, well organised and extremely critical of what I do, I certainly don't want a change of profession or to make a living out of it or wish to, however that may change in the future so what I require is to build up a sizeable portfolio and that means photographing more weddings, functions, prom nights, party's etc and this reflects in the prices I charge.

I am locally based in Astley but can travel to where your photography is required - including Spain which is where I photographed one late last year................not bad for an amateur!!

Aidan & Ciara

Aidan & Ciara held their wedding at Ashfield House, Standish at the end of November.

Photo's were taken exclusively taken at the house and in the grounds.


Paul & Ann

Paul & Ann held their wedding and reception at Leigh Cricket Club, photo's were taken at Pennington Park, Leigh and at the cricket club.

'Hi Iain, You did a fantastic job, we're spoiled for choice as to which ones to be enlarged and framed'

'thanks for making me cry watching the slideshow' Ann

Andy & Kate

Andy & Kate held their wedding in Las Vegas, then held a fantastic reception back home for the rest of their friends and families who couldn't make the big trip. 

Hi Iain, I just want to say a BIG thank you. You've done an absolutely amazing job - I've had the slideshow on repeat since I got home yesterday! 😉 Kate x

Jake & Chantel

A few pictures from the wedding in Frigiliana, Spain

Pete & Ruth

"Not bad for an amateur!!! Bloody amazing photographer!" Ruth Hardman

John & Becky

Carl & Joanne

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